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The 3 (yes 3) methods of Cr48 copy and paste

While most of you know that you can copy and paste the traditional ways, if any of you have played around in the terminal or especially tried to execute complex commands there, you probably found it to be a little difficult without being able to copy and paste. I finally figured out the trick to paste into the terminal.

If you don't know how to easily highlight text with the touchpad you can either do a physical click and drag, or, you can do a double tap and drag (which I find to be easier)

  • Traditional method 1: Highlight the text, Ctrl-C (copy), Ctrl-V (paste).
  • Traditional method 2: Highlight the text, Right click (two finger tap) and select copy, Right click and select paste.
  • Non Traditional method: Highlight the text (and keep it highlighted), using 3 (yes three) fingers - do a physical touchpad click - which will paste the highlighted text.

A three finger physical click is a middle mouse click, so you can do middle mouse click if you're using an external mouse.

Extra Tip: You can middle click on a link to open it in a new tab.

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