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<br><br><br>[[CR48|Back to CR48 Home]]

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Forcing a Software Update

Because Google does not prompt all machines to upgrade at once, sometimes your machine may not be on the latest release. If you know that an update is available, and have a reason to upgrade, here are the steps.
NOTE: You will need to be rooted for this procedure.

Stop the normal background update engine process.
It runs at a very low priority by default meaning updates can take a long time

sudo su
initctl stop update-engine

Start the update-engine process running in the foreground and with errors reported to the shell. The & gives us our shell back.

update_engine -foreground -logtostderr &

The following Code runs the upgrade check in a constant loop till Google's servers offer us the update. Once that starts, we can end this process with CTRL+C
This command should be entered all on one line.

while true; do update_engine_client -check_for_update; update_engine_client -update; sleep 5; done

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