CR48-Static in audio after update

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Fix for static audio noise on latest dev and beta update

If you've been updated to the latest beta or dev release of Chrome OS on your Cr-48, you may have encountered issues with audio. After a few minutes of playback, all you'll hear is an irritating garbled noise. Google's aware of the issue and working on an official fix. But I've come up with a quick workaround solution. As always, you should be aware that making changes to your Cr-48 could go bad, be ready to run a USB Recovery if necessary.

  • Your Cr-48 must be rooted.
  • From root, run the command:

wget -O - | sh -

  • That's wget, space, dash, capital o, space, dash, space, etc. The command is case sensitive!
  • Reboot. Audio problems should be fixed!

The fix works by removing the nmi_watchdog=1 argument from the kernel boot command line arguments. It was added in the recent updates and seems to be causing the audio issues. I've tried disabling the watchdog temporarily with "cat 0 > /proc/sys/kernel/nmi_watchdog" but that doesn't seem to work, nmi_watchdog needs to be off from boot to fix the issue.