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Fix for Wrong Timezone in Dev Build

In addition to the static audio bug in the recent releases, the dev build has a bug where the timezone resets to Pacific Standard Time (PST) and can't be changed to any other timezone. Once again, Google's on it and already has a fix that just needs pushing out. In the meantime though, the workaround for this is quite easy, we'll just set the timezone manually via the command line:

Your Cr-48 needs the developer switch on (towards battery contacts). Press CTRL+ALT+T to get the crosh shell and type "shell" to get a bash shell. You don't however need to be root, the chronos user has rights to do what we need to do.

Run the command:
cd /var/lib/timezone
This puts in the directory where timezones are set.
Run the command:
ls -l
That's l, s, space, dash, lowercase letter L. This shows us the current localtime file which is just a symlink to the selected timezone. Because of the bug, this will always be /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Pacific.
Run the command:
rm localtime
Here we get rid of the incorrect timezone setting.
Run the command:
ln -s /usr/share/zoneinfo/US/Eastern localtime
which will recreate our symlink pointing the symlink file localtime at the correct timezone. You may of course need to change Eastern to be one of Alaska, Aleutian, Arizona, Central, East-Indiana, Hawaii, Indiana-Starke, Michigan, Mountain, Pacific-New or Samoa depending on your local timezone. If you managed to sneak your Cr-48 out of the U.S., there are other timezones one directory up.
Reboot. Your time should now be correct for your localtimezone!