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Making /mnt/stateful_partition exec friendly

NOTE: You need to root your CR48 before you can do this!

Finally found out how to make the /mnt/stateful_partition exec permission persistant.

  • sudo su
  • nano /sbin/chromeos_startup -- I'll use nano

Now, when scrolling around in nano, if the screen does not refresh properly when scrolling up/down pages, press CTRL-L to make it redraw the screen

While in nano, CTRL-C will give you you're current cursor position.
We want to edit lines 51, 58, and 67.

Remove noexec, from each of those lines
The line should then look something like .... -o nodev,nosuid .....

You can also remove the ,nosuid if you'll be wanting to install and SUID programs on the stateful partition.
Save the file by pressing CTRL-X and answering Y and pressing enter for the filename.
Reboot, and your stateful partition should be remounted with the correct options from this point forward.

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