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Perform following steps to install SocketCAN utilities:

OR using apt-get

  • sudo apt-get install can-utils



candump let you sniff CAN packets from one or more CAN interfaces with lots of other useful options to filter, redirect messages etc. Here just a small example:

 candump vcan0
 vcan0  123   [4]  01 AA BB 22
 vcan0  123   [4]  01 AA BB 23
 vcan0  123   [4]  01 AA BB 24

 for more information, use the help file
  • candump -help


cansniffer is a tool that organizes can information by Arbitration ID and allows users to determine what values are changing. by default, if any arbitration ID doesn't receive "Different" information in the packet after 5 seconds, the data will be cleared from the screen.

* cansniffer can0

for more information, use the help file

* cansniffer -help