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This page is a proposal for creating a set of topic-area pages to hold links to talks & videos from past ELC and ELCE events, so that information on a particular topic is collected in one place, for easy reference.


  • decide on the categories for talks
    • note: some talks will likely defy categorization
    • need to start a category list:
      • RealTime
      • Boot time
      • Size
      • File systems
      • Networking
        • embedded protocols (mqtt, 6lowpan, etc.)
      • Security
      • Updates
      • Legal
      • Audio
      • Video
      • Upstreaming
      • Build systems
        • Yocto Project
        • Buildroot
        • others? (OpenWRT, homebrew)
      • Robotics
      • Drones
      • (or do we want just a "verticals" page)
      • Automotive
      • kernel subsystems:
        • USB
        • Wireless
        • video4linux
        • GPIO
        • SPI
        • MTD
    • how narrow do we want the topics?
  • decide if talk may be included on more than one page
  • decide layout for talk information:
    • obvious elements: event, date, speaker, title, presentation link, video link
    • do we want a talk summary? If so, where would we get it from?
    • how about a rating?
      • how about some notation to indicate a significant or historic talk (there are some worth highlighting, IMHO)
    • link to transcript if available?
  • create pages
    • create overview page
    • create template for individual pages
    • create pages
  • add information about each talk to correct page(s)


* ELC Presentations - links to all presentations pages for ELC and ELCE