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This page is a proposal for creating a set of topic-area pages to hold links to talks & videos from past ELC and ELCE events, so that information on a particular topic is collected in one place, for easy reference.
(frowand) Should this also include Japan Technical Jamboree presentations?
(frowand) The existing Devicetree presentations page includes any conference, not just ELC, ELCE, Jamboree.


  • decide on the categories for talks
    • note: some talks will likely defy categorization
    • how narrow do we want the topics?
    • see below for an initial list of category ideas
    • see also the list of sections and pages already on the Presentations by Topic page
    • can start with those, and add topic pages as we go through the talks
  • decide if talk may be included on more than one page
    • create a guide for adding talks in the future
  • create Presentation topic template page.
    • decide layout for talk information:
      • (frowand) One possible format is the existing page Device tree Presentations
        • each presentation occurs in two different sections: (1) subtopic, (2) date
      • obvious elements: event, date, speaker, title, presentation link, video link
      • do we want a talk summary? If so, where would we get it from?
    • how about a rating or notability indicator?
      • indicator could be star, highlight, recommendation by maintainer, bolding, etc.?
      • would be for significant or historic talk (there are some worth highlighting, I believe)
      • (frowand) indicator for obsolete
    • link to transcript if available?
    • link to press coverage (e.g. if available
      • how long will that take to research, for each talk?
  • create pages
  • add information about each talk to correct page(s)
    • create new topic pages as new topic areas are encountered

Category candidates

Here are some possible categories: (I propose that we keep a "working list" of categories on this page - especially ones that do not have a page yet, while the project is under development.)

  • RealTime
  • Boot time
  • Size
  • File systems
  • Networking
    • embedded protocols (mqtt, 6lowpan, etc.)
  • Security
  • Updates
  • Legal
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Upstreaming
  • Build systems
    • Yocto Project
    • Buildroot
    • others? (OpenWRT, homebrew)
  • (frowand) distributions
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • (or do we want just a "verticals" page)
  • Automotive
  • kernel subsystems:
    • USB
    • Wireless
    • video4linux
    • GPIO
    • SPI
    • MTD
  • (frowand) Tools
  • (frowand) Development process
  • (frowand) Debug


  • have a planning meeting (first meeting held July 29, 2020)
  • create timeline
    • Would be nice to be able to announce the project at ELCE 2020, in late October
    • do some initial pages, and tweak page design and categories, in by mid-August?
    • have a 1st review in August (what date?)
  • solicit more volunteers?
    • announce the project on an embedded linux mailing list? (elc-announce?, celinux-dev?)


  • ELC Presentations - links to all presentations pages for ELC, ELCE, and Japan Technical Jamboree
    • This is the main resource for pages with talk and video links for presentations (that are uncategorized by topic)
  • Presentations by Topic
    • This is the main destination for links to presentation topic pages
  • Presentation topic template
    • This is a page holding with the layout for presentation topic page
  • - links to all presentation pages, and some event pages (where abstracts might be found)
    • this page has the same links (under the "Archives" section on that page) as the "ELC Presentations" page
    • However, it also has links to many of the original event pages, where additional talk information (especially talk abstracts) might be found
  • - kernel index (shows kernel topic categories)
    • This resource shows one set of (highly detailed) categories for kernel-related topics

Candidate policies for a "talk placement guide"

Here are some policies we can discuss for talk placement and marking: This is for the current effort - to remain consistent - and for future efforts as new material is added after future events.

  • most recent talks at the top of page
  • mark talks that are about obsolete technology or practices
  • mark talks that are notable
  • a talk may be placed on more than one topic page (but may be marked as being primarily about another topic, where appropriate)