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This page is a proposal for creating a set of topic-area pages to hold links to talks & videos from past ELC and ELCE events, so that information on a particular topic is collected in one place, for easy reference.


  • decide on the categories for talks
    • note: some talks will likely defy categorization
    • how narrow do we want the topics?
    • see below for an initial list of category ideas
    • see also the list of sections and pages already on the Presentations by Topic page
    • can start with those, and add topic pages as we go through the talks
  • decide if talk may be included on more than one page
    • create a guide for adding talks in the future
  • create Presentation topic template page.
    • decide layout for talk information:
      • obvious elements: event, date, speaker, title, presentation link, video link
      • do we want a talk summary? If so, where would we get it from?
    • how about a rating or notability indicator?
      • indicator could be star, highlight, recommendation by maintainer, bolding, etc.?
      • would be for significant or historic talk (there are some worth highlighting, I believe)
    • link to transcript if available?
    • link to press coverage (e.g. if available
      • how long will that take to research, for each talk?
  • create pages
  • add information about each talk to correct page(s)
    • create new topic pages as new topic areas are encountered

Category candidates

Here are some possible categories: (I propose that we keep a "working list" of categories on this page - especially ones that do not have a page yet, while the project is under development.)

  • RealTime
  • Boot time
  • Size
  • File systems
  • Networking
    • embedded protocols (mqtt, 6lowpan, etc.)
  • Security
  • Updates
  • Legal
  • Audio
  • Video
  • Upstreaming
  • Build systems
    • Yocto Project
    • Buildroot
    • others? (OpenWRT, homebrew)
  • Robotics
  • Drones
  • (or do we want just a "verticals" page)
  • Automotive
  • kernel subsystems:
    • USB
    • Wireless
    • video4linux
    • GPIO
    • SPI
    • MTD


  • have a planning meeting (first meeting held July 29, 2020)
  • create timeline
    • Would be nice to be able to announce the project at ELCE 2020, in late October
    • do some initial pages, and tweak page design and categories, in by mid-August?
    • have a 1st review in August (what date?)
  • solicit more volunteers?
    • announce the project on an embedded linux mailing list? (elc-announce?, celinux-dev?)


  • ELC Presentations - links to all presentations pages for ELC and ELCE
    • This is the main resource for pages with talk and video links for presentations (that are uncategorized by topic)
  • Presentations by Topic
    • This is the main destination for links to presentation topic pages
  • Presentation topic template
    • This is a page holding with the layout for presentation topic page
  • - links to all presentation pages, and some event pages (where abstracts might be found)
    • this page has the same links (under the "Archives" section on that page) as the "ELC Presentations" page
    • However, it also has links to many of the original event pages, where additional talk information (especially talk abstracts) might be found
  • - kernel index (shows kernel topic categories)
    • This resource shows one set of (highly detailed) categories for kernel-related topics

Candidate policies for a "talk placement guide"

Here are some policies we can discuss for talk placement and marking: This is for the current effort - to remain consistent - and for future efforts as new material is added after future events.

  • most recent talks at the top of page
  • mark talks that are about obsolete technology or practices
  • mark talks that are notable
  • a talk may be placed on more than one topic page (but may be marked as being primarily about another topic, where appropriate)