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TinCanTools BeagleBoard Trainer

This page lists expansion boards for the BeagleBoard single-board computer. Most of these boards make use of one of the BeagleBoard's expansion headers. Like the BeagleBoard itself, many of these boards are Open Hardware, with schematics or board designs freely available. For more information on creating expansion boards, see BeagleBoard Hardware Interfacing.

General-Purpose Expansion Boards


  • Beaglebot uses a custom board which provides power, level shifters, and PWM control of 5 hobby servos.
  • This robot has a simple expansion board which includes power regulation and PWM motor drivers.

Cameras and Imaging

LCD Expansion Boards

Rev C2 and later boards provide direct access to the LCD lines before they enter the DVI framer via the LCD header, enabling expansion boards which interface directly with LCD panels.


Some expansion boards include Arduino-compatible Atmel microcontrollers:

  • The TinCanTools Trainer Board has an Arduino compatible Atmel AVR on board
  • Arduino Nano uses an FTDI FT-232 based interface which is supported by the ftdi_sio kernel driver- How To Notes
  • Arduino Uno uses a Atmel ATmega8U2 based interface which is supported by the cdc_acm kernel driver - How To Notes

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