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WL1835MOD w/ Chip Antenna

The BeagleBone WL1835MOD W/ CHIP ANTENNA is an add-on board that provides Wi-Fi and Bluetooth® capability for the BeagleBone. This cape is equipped with Texas Instrument's WL835MOD pre-certified module. It offers advanced WiFi features including 2.4-GHz MRC Support for Extended Range, 2x2 MIMO and 40-MHz Channels for High Throughput, Wi-Fi Direct Concurrent Operation (Multi-Channel, Multi-Role) and SmartConfig technology. It also supports Bluetooth 4.0 including Bluetooth and BLE and Built-In coexistence technology for Bluetooth-BLE and WLAN. A Royalty-Free Certified Bluetooth Stack From StoneStreet One is also available from TI. This cape has on-board antenna.

Key Benefits:

  • Up to 100-Mbps Throughput and Up to 1.4X the Range Versus a Single Antenna Configuration With 2X2 MIMO, 40-MHz Channel Bandwidth and MRC
  • Differentiated Use-Cases by Configuring WiLink 8 in Two Different Roles (STA and AP) Simultaneously to Connect Directly With Other Wi-Fi Devices on Different RF Channel (Wi-Fi Networks)
  • SmartConfig technology, a One-Step Wi-Fi Setup Process That Allows Multiple In-Home Devices, Especially Those Without Displays or Keypads, to Connect to the Wi-Fi Network Quickly and Easily.
  • Lowest Wi-Fi Power Consumption in Connected Idle
  • Configurable Wake on WLAN Filters to Only Wake Up the System
  • Bluetooth 4.0 + BLE
  • Wi-Fi-Bluetooth Single Antenna Coexistence
  • Based on an easy to Use FCC, ETSI, and Telec Certified Module from Texas Instruments

Revision Changes

Revision A1

Production release of the WL1835MOD w/ Chip Antenna Cape.


The WL1835MOD w/ Chip Antenna is being sold as a development/evaluation module for the Wilink8 module. It is originally designed to work with the BeagleBone (White) using Texas Instruments SDK for 3.2 kernel. There is also a guide on Texas Instrument wiki on using this cape with BeagleBone Black. For any software support please contact TI.

For RMA support, please visit BeagleBoardToys.

Mechanical Specifications

Size 3.40" x 4.00"
Layers 4
PCB Thickness .062"
RoHS Compliant Yes


Product Images


Links & Datasheets

Hardware Files

WL1835MOD w/ Chip Antenna Cape Revision A1

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