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This page is for information about the embedded Linux and open source community.


Please read Netiquette before interacting with the Open Source Communities

Community sites

General Portals

  • Meld - An embedded Linux developer community site, designed to enable developers, ISVs, and hardware manufacturers to share, connect, and design, sponsored by MontaVista Software
  • - Linux community portal sponsored by the Linux Foundation
  • - the canonical (no pun intended) place for news about embedded Linux
  • - an excellent starting place for all things linux

Hardware-Specific Communities

Software-Specific Communities

Communities for beginners


This section lists inviduals who are "movers and shakers" in embedded Linux: For more Information be sure to checkout MAINTAINERS

Linux kernel

Important kernel figures

  • Linus Torvalds - Linux kernel initiator and head maintainer
  • Andrew Morton - maintains an important secondary (staging) tree
  • David Woodhouse - Embedded Linux Maintainer
  • Matt Mackall - Embedded Linux Maintainer, originator of Linux-tiny patch set (author of SLOB allocator), author of kpagemap and smem
  • Greg Kroah-Hartman - Initiator and Maintainer of the Linux Driver Project / Staging Tree and quite a handyman.
  • Stephen Rothwell - Maintainer of the Linux-Next-Tree, most stuff goes in there before getting merged into Linus' tree-

Kernel arch maintainers

  • Russell King - ARM kernel maintainer
  • Paul Mundt - SH kernel maintainer
  • Ralf Baechle - MIPS kernel maintainer
  • Greg Ungerer - uCLinux kernel maintainer
  • Arnd Bergman - CELL kernel maintainer
  • Thomas Gleixner - x86 kernel maintainer, author of clock events
  • Haavard Skinnemoen - avr32 kernel Maintainer (Atmel)

Feature developers/maintainers

  • David Woodhouse - MTD/jffs2 author - Embedded Linux kernel maintainer
  • Andi Kleen - author of bloat-o-meter
  • Ingo Molnar - author of RT-preempt patch set, kernel scheduler maintainer
  • Phillip Lougher - author of Squash FS

Interview candidates

The following page has a list of people we'd like to interview for an feature:

Foundations and Forums

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Communities for beginners

Linux User Groups

One way to get involved with a bunch of like-minded Linux enthusiasts is to participate in a local Linux users group. The following site has a good database of Linux users groups:

Development Model

Reasons for contributing to open source

Quality Assurance

This section has links to aspects of the development model designed to provide quality assurance.

Certificate of Origin

Developers who contribute code to the Linux kernel agree to the Developer Certificate Of Origin by signing their code, with a "Signed Off By" line.