Compilers Presentations

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Cutting edge toolchain (Latest Features in GCC/GLIBC) [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Victor Rodriguez, Intel
Summary: This presentation aims to show an introduction to the major features
released in GCC 8/9 and Glibc 2.29.

How GCC Works, An Embedded Engineer's Perspective [ELC 2008]

Presenter: Gene Sally
Summary: This presentation gives a collection of GCC tips useful to those
doing embedded development.

Linkers, Loaders

Prelinker Usage for MIPS Cores [ELC 2007 ELC 2006]

Presenter: Arvind Kumar, Kazu Hirata, Shinichi Tsurumoto
Summary: This presentation provides information about Prelink and Prelinker
usage for MIPS cores.

Compiler Optimizations

A Few Effective gcc/clang Optimizations for Embedded Systems [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Khem Raj, Comcast
Summary: This presentation discusses about various optimization techniques
and practice to generate an overall effective code.

Tracing Resource-constrained Embedded Systems using eBPF [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Ioan-Adrian Ratiu, Collabora
Summary: This Presentation gives a brief introduction to the eBPF awesomeness and
the mainstream way of tracing using the eBPF Compiller Collection and then examines
the hurdles which must be overcome to get it working on embedded devices.

Link Time Dead Code and Data Elimination Using GNU Toolchain [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Denys Vlasenko
Summary: This talk will show you how to eliminate one of the typical
sources of code bloat.

Instant Startup for Application Using Reducing Relocation Time and Rearrange Function [ELC 2008]

Presenter: Min-Chan Kim, Oleksiy Kokachev
Summary: These slides give information on Shared library relocation procedure,
DDLink, DDLink effectiveness measurement and on functions reordering.