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DevKit8000 Evaluation Kit to India Users



  • TI OMAP3530 Processor based on 600MHz ARM Cortex-A8 core
  • Memory supporting 128MByte DDR SDRAM and 128MByte NAND Flash
  • UART, USB OTG, Ethernet, Camera, Audio, SD/MMC, Keyboard, Jtag,...
  • Supports 24-bit TFT LCD, DVI-D and TV S-Video Output Display
  • Supports Linux2.6 and WinCE 6.0

More info about platform is here "Embest DEV KIT 8000".

!border=1 !Name !Mail ID !Contact Info !Number of Orders !Model or Order Number |- |- |Khasim |khasim at beagleboard dot org |Bangalore |1 |T6010074 (No LCD) |- |- |Deobrat Singh |deobrat at gmail dot com |India |2 |T6010074 (No LCD) |- |- |Deepak Narayan |deepakvr at gmail dot com |India |2 |T6010074 (No LCD) |- |- |R.lakshmikanth |r_lakshmikanth at |India |2 |T6010074 (No LCD) |- |G.Prabhu |prabhu.govvindarajan at gmail dot com |Bangalore |1 |T6010074 (No LCD) |- |- |Amitabh Das | at gmail dot com |Hyderabad |1 |T6010074 (No LCD) |- |- |Pradeep Banavathi |pradeep.banavathi at gmail dot com |New Delhi |1 |T6010074 (No LCD) |- |- |Alok Singh Gahlot |aloke60 at gmail dot com |Jodhpur |2 |T6010074 (With LCD, if possible) |- |- |Balamurugan Thogai |mtbalu at yahoo dot com |Hyderabad |1 |T6010074/5 (With or without LCD) |- |- |Arvind Singh |namearvind at gmail dot com |Delhi |1 |T6010074 (With LCD, if possible) |}

We can submit the order after 10 entries or after 10 days.

NOTE: This page is mainly to get benefits in shipping with bulk orders and to request for a discount on bulk purchase. Kindly note, we don't restrict you in directly approaching the manufacturer. Please feel free to do so for any urgent orders.