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other DHT-Walnut pages: Flameman/dht-walnut


DHT-Walnut is a shortened name for the Digital Home Technologies PCB 01070201 Rev. 1.1. The DHT-Walnut board is based on the AMCC-Walnut (still available, and still expensive :P). It is a more improved board described at www.amcc.com. A "walnut" searching will inform about schematic and software. Also keep attention @ DENX: they have developed a lot for the AMCC-Walnut board, and you could find a linux patch for your problem, prettier documentation, developer suit, and much more: in case, you are suggested to have a look to their web pages.

currently available HERE Oops, sold out 2/6/2006

The board consists of:

  • PowerPC 405GP running at 266mhz
  • PC133 SDRAM slot, currently, only supports single sidded DIMMs
  • On-chip 405GP ethernet, board doesn't have an ethernet MAC address
  • DCE serial port, speeds up to 230k, only tested to 115200
  • two pci slots, keyed for 5V only cards
  • Promise Technologies PDC20265 IDE
  • 512k of boot flash AMD 29LV040B datasheet
  • 12v dc powered
  • PPC40XX JTAG on J10
  • 6.00" x 7.5" board size

The system's most common configuration seems to be:

  • System PCB
  • 32M PC133 SDRAM DIMM
    • Unknown PCI IEEE-1394 card supported by OHCI driver
    • PPCBoot v.1.1.2 in flash

Hardware that is known to work (and not to work) with this board can be found here

GPSFan (Freenode IRC on #edev) was helpful in providing an image of the board:


Some info in the pdf HERE

Experimental hack to set a hardware breakpoint inside OCD Commander hardbreak.tgz


Here is the latest ppcboot 1.1.6 patch, as is, it will build for flashing at 0xfff80000 as a replacement for the pcboot-1.1.2 that comes with the board.


Original sources for ppcboot: [1]

Here is a binary for those without a toolchain.

ppcboot1.1.6.1.bin crc = 083fb0a3

To use this (at your own risk) see the detailed update procedure description: Installing the Updated Bootloader

  • U-Boot

U-Boot is a significantly updated replacement for ppcboot. See: U-Boot for the DHT-Walnut.

Just in case you make a brick, there is hope: JTAG Bootloader Installation

Linux Kernels

  • Version 2.4

(Mostly) working kernel binary and config from jbevren with matrox fbcon and usb input support.

Current issues:

  • Version 2.6

See: 2.6 Linux kernel for the DHT-Walnut