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|Playstation 3, US model
|Playstation 3, US model
|CE Linux Forum (on loan from CELF Test Lab)
|CE Linux Forum (on loan from CELF Test Lab)
|Frank Scholz
|Frank Scholz's house (city and country?)
|Working and In Use (??)
|Working and In Use (??)

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Here is a list of hardware that might be interesting for DLNA development and test work.

Available Hardware

Hardware Owner Current Location Status
Playstation 3, US model CE Linux Forum (on loan from CELF Test Lab) Frank Scholz's house (city and country?) Working and In Use (??)

Status can be:

  • In use
  • Can be borrowed
  • Working
  • Broken

Desired Hardware

  • Sergey wants a PS3 - European model
  • Anyone want a Nokia N800??

DLNA Reference Hardware List

See https://certification.dlna.org/ref_devices.htm


Sergey wrote: As far as I know the Telegent TG100 device is based on the CyberTan MA100 implementation, and we had to add two hacks to work around bugs in the TG100 firmware. So I really wonder how it got the DLNA certification when the UPnP part is already causing trouble.

By the way, the TG100 can be bought for around 70EUR on E-Bay, which is quite cheap. The question is, if it still qualifies since it's an MA100 spin-off.

I can probably get my hands on the BridgeCo WAA device, audio only is somewhat limited but still better than nothing for the start.