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* http://feeds.feedburner.com/tidavincitechnology - news feed
* http://feeds.feedburner.com/tidavincitechnology - news feed
* http://www.linux-davinci.info/
* http://www.linux-davinci.info/
* [[DaVinci_Old_Pages|Old DaVinci Pages]] Obsolete and/or Out of Date

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Texas Instruments DaVinci™ is a family of multimedia system on chip processors for embedded application. Most of DaVinci processors based of of ARM and DSP microprocessor cores.

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DaVinci SDK uses U-Boot, MontaVista Linux, OpenEmbedded

Important resources


Example Program.gif - Blinking LEDS on the EVM over I2c - EVM_LED_Blinking.c

Example Program.gif - Simple TTY host program to access serial port - EVM_comz.c

Example Program.gif - PWM kernel driver (char driver) - PWM.c Good example for your own device drivers

Example Program.gif - Accessing an I2C temperature sensor - temp_sens.c

Example Program.gif - Useful I2C routines - I2Croutines.c

Guide.jpeg - Overclocking the EVM EVMoc

Hardware Hacks

Hack.jpg - Adding a second MMC / SD slot - Second MMC / SD

Hack.jpg - Installing some input buttons - Input buttonz

Hack.jpg - Adding I2C devices (e.g. Temp Sensor) - I2C Mods

Mailing Lists and Useful Links