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Texas Instruments DaVinci™ is a family of multimedia system on chip processors for embedded application. Most of DaVinci processors based of of ARM and DSP microprocessor cores.

Important resources


The Davinci FAQ can be found here


Guide.jpeg - Das u-boot guide for davinci (using DVFlasher) - DaVinci U-boot 1.0

Guide.jpeg - Help I have bricked my EVM! - EVM Brickage 1.0

Guide.jpeg - Using the opensource GIT Kernel to work - OS GIT

Guide.jpeg - Configuring an initrd - DaVinci Initrd 1.0

Guide.jpeg - Setting up USB Host mode - DaVinci USBHost 1.0

Guide.jpeg - Setting up console on framebuffer - DaVinci FBcons 1.0

Guide.jpeg - USB Wlan (DLink DWL G 122 Rev C) - Davinci USB Wlan

Dev Boards

Guide.jpeg - DM6446 (DaVinci™) Evaluation Module (EVM)

Guide.jpeg - Eointec Solutions IgnitionPro - Rapid Prototype Module for Dual Core Davinci Processor

Guide.jpeg - Neuros Technology Module and Carrier Board open set-top box platform (with or without housing)

Undocumented Findings

Guide.jpeg - RBL: booting from NAND and ECC/Bad blocks - DaVinci RBL 1.0

Guide.jpeg - IRC snippits - DaVinci IRC

Guide.jpeg - Pinmux_1.0


Example Program.gif - Blinking LEDS on the EVM over I2c - EVM_LED_Blinking.c

Example Program.gif - Simple TTY host program to access serial port - EVM_comz.c

Example Program.gif - PWM kernel driver (char driver) - PWM.c Good example for your own device drivers

Example Program.gif - Accessing an I2C temperature sensor - temp_sens.c

Example Program.gif - Useful I2C routines - I2Croutines.c

Guide.jpeg - Overclocking the EVM EVMoc

Hardware Hacks

Hack.jpg - Adding a second MMC / SD slot - Second MMC / SD

Hack.jpg - Installing some input buttons - Input buttonz

Hack.jpg - Adding I2C devices (e.g. Temp Sensor) - I2C Mods

Mailing Lists and Useful Links

Chats and Forums

Davinci IRC chat can be found in the #davinci channel on irc.freenode.net. For more information about Freenode, see www.freenode.net

General IRC help can be found here :- IRC Help [1]