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Texas Instruments Davinci line are a range of processors with tightly optimised DSP and peripheral hardware

Despite the marketing hype there are a number of issues users are falling into, a number related to the MontaVista Linux installed with the EVM. This wiki is intended to help reduce the duplication of effort that is currently occuring and suggest some common fixes (or at least highlite the most common mistakes!)

Anything you find here should be considered highly dubious and it is entirely your own responsibility for breaking your stuff.


The Davinci FAQ can be found here


(Most of these are stubs waiting for some nice user to help pad out)

Guide.jpeg - Das u-boot guide for davinci (using DVFlasher) - u-boot 1.0

Guide.jpeg - Help I have bricked my EVM! - EVM Brickage 1.0

Guide.jpeg - Using the opensource GIT Kernel to work - OS GIT 1.0

Guide.jpeg - Using GPIO Interrupts - GPIO 1.0

Guide.jpeg - Configuring CRAMFS - [CRAMFS 1.0]]

Guide.jpeg - Setting up USB Host mode - [USBHost 1.0]]

Guide.jpeg - Configuring correct PINMUX at boot time - [Pinmux 1.0]]


Example Program.gif - Blinking LEDS on the EVM over I2c - EVM_LED_Blinking.c

Example Program.gif - PWM kernel driver (char driver) - PWM.c Good example for your own device drivers

Example Program.gif - Accessing an I2C temperature sensor - temp_sens.c

Example Program.gif - Useful I2C routines - I2Croutines.c

Guide.jpeg - Overclocking the EVM EVMoc

Hardware Hacks

Hack.jpg - Adding a second MMC / SD slot - Second MMC / SD

Hack.jpg - Installing some input buttons - Input buttonz

Hack.jpg - Adding I2C devices (e.g. Temp Sensor) - I2C Mods

Mailing Lists and Useful Links

Chats and Forums

Davinci IRC chat can be found in the #davinci channel on freenode.net

General IRC help can be found here :- IRC Help [1]