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21 June 2007
See [[DaVinci#Chats_and_Forums|DaVinci chats and forums]].
<SpaceMonkey> "I Believe in you Crofton!!!!" In a world of chaos, the only thing to
trust is trust itself
<Crofton> heh
<SpaceMonkey> CROFTON - THE DAVINCI STORY. coming to a cinema near you real soon
* Crofton hopes not
<SpaceMonkey> 9.5/10 Empire magazing - a tour de force performance
Gary Oldmans portrayal of Crofton the haggard embedded engineer left me weeping
SpaceMonkey, played by George Clooney was both disarming and standoffish clearly
representing the genius nature of his subject. Par excellence.
ekiller, played by Jack Black, came across as a general chilled out dude, but with 
deep seated emotional issues. And the lofty cringthis, in his ivory tower was played
with reverence and mysteriousness by Christopher Walken. The audience was torn
between his aloofness and possible source of help to the main pragmatists.
<Crofton> I like nerd movies
<SpaceMonkey> ;)
<Crofton> but I don't think there are any good ones
<SpaceMonkey> man this is better than real work. I need to get a job in hollywood

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