Device Drivers Presentations

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How to write a device driver?

So You Want to Write a Linux Driver Framework[ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Michael Turquette, BayLibre
Summary: This presentation gives an overview of what makes a good subsystem
and design considerations to write a driver.

How Not to Write x86 Platform Drivers [ELCE 2013]

Presenter: Darren Hart
Summary: This presentation provides information about how to write a
driver code using MinnowBoard example.

User Space Device Drivers, Optimizations

How to Avoid Writing Device Drivers for Embedded Linux [ELCE 2018]

Presenter: Chris Simmonds, 2net
Summary: This presentation gives information about how to write code to control
hardware using examples of three subsystems: GPIO, PWM and I2C.

Polishing Dirt: Porting RTOS Code to Linux Userspace Driver Framework [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Vitaly Wool
Summary: This presentation talks about deploying vendor software in Embedded Linux
by porting legacy RTOS code to user-space drivers framework.

SPE-assisted User Level Device Driver on Cell Processor [ELC 2007][ELC 2006]

Presenter: Hiroyuki Machida
Summary: This paper proposes utilizing SPEs from user space to
accelerate kernel services. It explains evaluation of the concept,
using modified compressed loop device driver, CLOOP, to utilize SPE.

Applying User-level Drivers on DTV System [ELC 2007][ELC 2006]

Presenter: Gunho Lee
Summary: This presentation gives information about DTV Device Drivers,
design of LG DTV User-level Drivers and it's implementation
and also discusses about performance evaluation.


Using UIO on an Embedded Platform[ELC 2008]

Presenter: Katsuya Matsubara, Hisao Munakata
Summary: This presentation provides information about UIO,
what UIO provides ans how to write a UIO driver.


BoF: Challenges of Low Spec Embedded Linux [ELC 2019]

Presenter: Alexander Sack, Pantacor Ltd.
Summary: This BoF session discusses about current challenges faced by low spec devices,
approaches that can help the Embedded Linux community to tackle the growing
issues and solve these problems in a collaborative manner.

Embedded Graphics Drivers in Mesa [ELCE 2019]

Presenter: Neil Roberts, Igalia
Summary: This presentation talks about Mesa project, the user-space graphics stack and
the inner workings of Mesa. Also discusses about embedded drivers that it supports
such as Freedreno for the Adreno platform, Panfrost for Mali Midgard and Bifrost GPUs .

BoF: Early Platform Drivers in Linux Kernel [ELCE 2018]

Presenter: Bartosz Golaszewski, BayLibre
Summary: This BoF session discusses about how to best handle devices that
need to be probed early in linux.

DMA Safety in Buffers for Linux Kernel Device Drivers [ELCE 2018]

Presenter: Wolfram Sang, Renesas / Consultant
Summary: This talk is about findings which originated from an issue in the I2C subsystem.
The question was if externally allocated message buffers for the I2C subsystem need
to be DMA safe.

Industrial I/O and You: Nonsense Hack! [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Matt Ranostay, Konsulko Group
Summary: This presentation provides information about the development of an
industrial I/O subsystem driver for an entirely new sensor and
how userspace HALs can process data with reduced system I/O than a pure "userspace driver".

The Serial Device Bus [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Johan Hovold, Hovold Consulting AB
Summary: This presentation will give an introduction to the recently merged
Serial Device Bus. Also discusses about some historical background, the design and
interfaces of the new bus, some known limitations and possibilities or future enhancements.

Identifying and Supporting 'X-compatible' Hardware Blocks [ELCE 2017]

Presenter: Chen-Yu Tsai, CloudMosa, Inc.
Summary: This talk discusses about the various "X-compatible" hardware blocks that
have encountered while adding mainline support for Allwinner SoCs and about
integrated support for these into existing drivers.

Exporting Virtual Memory as dmabuf [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Nikhil Devshatwar, Texas Instruments
Summary: In this presentation, the presenter discusses some of the challenges faced in
integrating virtual memory as dmabuf in some of the legacy drivers and RTOS
applications with Linux. The speaker also proposes a solution to solve these
problems using a simple approach and discusses the concept, implementation,
advantages and security concerns with respect to this solution.

libiio - Access to Sensor Devices Made Easy [ELC 2016]

Presenter: Lars-Peter Clausen, Analog Devices
Summary: This presentation provides information about the introduction
to the core concepts of libiio, it's API, and how it can be
used in applications to access sensor devices.

Reconfigurable Computing Architecture for the Linux Kernel[ELCE 2016]

Presenter: Vince Bridgers & Yves Vandervennet, Intel
Summary: This presentation describes a Scalable Reconfigurable Computing
Architecture developed from a simple model that comprehends the most
common use cases, including I/O and Compute offload, from embedded
systems up to data center applications.

Bringing up FOSS GPU Drivers on Freescale i.MX6 Systems [ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Lucas Stach, Pengutronix
Summary: This presentation gives information about the Etnaviv project and
about FOSS GPU drivers.

Supporting Multi-Function Devices in the Linux Kernel: A Tour of the mfd, regmap and syscon APIs [ELCE 2015]

Presenter: Alexandre Belloni, Free Electrons
Summary: This presentation discusses about Multi-function devices and about
mfd,regmap and syscon APIs.

The DRM/KMS Subsystem From a Newbie's Point of View [ELCE 2014]

Presenter: Boris Brezillon, Free Electrons
Summary: These slides give information about DRM/KMS subsytem,
some key aspects of the DRM/KMS subsystem, some common concepts
in the video/graphic world and about its implementation in DRM/KMS.

Mastering the DMA and IOMMU APIs [ELCE 2014]

Presenter: Laurent Pinchart, Renesas Linux Kernel Team
Summary: This talk will describe the problems that the DMA API addresses and
explain how to solve them with practical examples. Cache management, device
tree support, DMA and IOMMU integration will be explained.

Anatomy of an Embedded KMS Driver [ELC 2013]

Presenter: Laurent Pinchart, Ideas on board SPRL
Summary: This presentation provides information about Memory Management,
U-Boot UART driver, and DSP reverse engineering.

DMA Buffer Sharing: An Introduction [ELC 2012]

Presenter: Rob Clark, Texas Instruments
Summary: This presentation provides information about DMA Buffer Sharing,
dma_buf buffer sharing API and dma_buf operations.

DRM Driver Development For Embedded Systems [ELCE 2011]

Presenter: Inki Dae (Samsung Electronics)
Summary: This presentation discusses about DRM, advantages with DRM
and about DRM KMS framework.

A High Performance Interface Between the OMAP3 and an FPGA [ELC 2011]

Presenter: Philip Balister
Summary: This presentation provides information about Software Defined Radio (SDR)
and USRP Embedded Block Diagram.

Using a JTAG to Debug Linux Device Drivers [ELC 2010]

Presenter: Mike Anderson
This presentation talks about JTAG, how does it works and
about Linux device drivers.