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Top Device Tree page

Device Tree stuff from Frank Rowand

Resources for "Solving Device Tree Issues" talk

Updates on tools shown in the talk

dtdiff           - in linux source tree as scripts/dtc/dtx_diff,  merged 4.6-rc1

dtc --annotate   - remains a proof of concept

dt_node_info     - remains a proof of concept

dt_to_config     - vastly improved, nearly ready to submit

Another option for uploading FDT and EDT from a target over a serial console is serio.

Embedded Linux Conference Europe (ELCE) - October 6, 2015

Linuxcon North America / Linux Plumbers Conference refereed track - August 19, 2015

LinuxCon Japan - June 4, 2015

image test

flowers in the desert

This is a photograph from one of my desert trips. If you have arrived early to one of my conference talks, you have probably seen photos from my desert trips.

This spot of color is low in the hills
of Death Valley.

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