Devkit8000 Android

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This page offers some guide and suggestions on Android Development on Embest Devkit8000 board.

Development environment

Android Display

Below pictures shows some current Android porting solution on Devkit8000:

Devkit8000 android.jpg Devkit8000.jpg

Captured Android image from Frambuffer:

System desktop Devkit8000 a3.jpg
Clock Devkit8000 a4.jpg
Boot Devkit8000 a5.jpg
GOOGLE search Devkit8000 a7.jpg

Android Demonstration

SD card format

Please refer to


After you have mounted SD card successfully, please do following operations (note: LABEL1 and LABEL2 are two partitions of SD card)
cp /media/cdrom/linux/demo/android/MLO /media/LABEL1
cp /media/cdrom/linux/demo/android/u-boot.bin /media/LABEL1
cp /media/cdrom/linux/demo/android/uImage /media/LABEL1
rm –rf /media/LABEL2/*
sudo tar jxvf linux/demo/ android/RFS.tar.bz2 –C /media/LABEL2
umount /media/LABEL1
umount /media/LABEL2

Android Development

beagleboard has made a very good porting solution, you can also refer to it for Devkit8000:

Support on Oxdroid