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Buildcross is able to build a working toolchain that supports C and C++.


Since it can be a pain to build the cross compiler on Windows, I'm providing a prebuilt toolchain. It's currently untested, but should work (whoever confirms it builds working binaries can remove this sentence.) I'd appreciate if someone was to mirror this on a fast server since my server that it's currently on isn't fast, and the only has a 3Mb connection (something like 350 Kb/s downloads.)



  • Prerequisits:
    • gmp (In deb based distros it's often called libgmp-dev or libgmp3-dev)
    • mpfr (In deb based distros it's often called libmpfr-dev)
    • GCC & Binutils
    • Flex
    • Bison
    • Make
    • Makeinfo
    • patch
    • diff
    • And a Unix environment (Only really tested on Linux)


  • git clone git://github.com/losinggeneration/buildcross.git
  • cd buildcross
  • sudo mkdir /usr/local/didj
  • sudo chown [your username]:[any group] /usr/local/didj
  • MAKE="make -j3" ./buildcross.sh didj -bl
  • Replace -j3 with however many processors/cores you have +1

After that, the cross compiler should be built. You should now be able to build binaries for the Didj. I'd suggest adding /usr/local/didj/bin to your PATH. This is often in $HOME/.profile. Depending on your shell, Bash compatible shells can use:

export PATH=/usr/local/didj/bin:$PATH