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Buildcross is able to build a working toolchain that supports C and C++.


Since it can be a pain to build the cross compiler on Windows, I'm providing a prebuilt toolchain. 32 bit Ubuntu 9.10 does some incorrect things during GCC's build that causes the built to fail. So I've provide that one too.

It's currently untested, but should work (whoever confirms it builds working binaries can remove this sentence.) I'd appreciate if someone was to mirror this on a fast server since my server that it's currently on isn't fast, and the only has a 3Mb connection (something like 350 Kb/s downloads.)

  • Windows (ready to be tested) Extract to C:\ (full path to bin is C:\winarm\didj\bin) It can also be tested in the root of any partition. It should also be tested with extracting it into a different location.
  • 32 bit Ubuntu 9.10 Extract to /usr/local


  • Prerequisits:
    • gmp (In deb based distros it's often called libgmp-dev or libgmp3-dev)
    • mpfr (In deb based distros it's often called libmpfr-dev)
    • GCC & Binutils
    • Flex
    • Bison
    • Make
    • Makeinfo
    • patch
    • diff
    • And a Unix environment (Only really tested on Linux)


  • git clone git://github.com/losinggeneration/buildcross.git
  • cd buildcross
  • sudo mkdir /usr/local/didj
  • sudo chown [your username]:[any group] /usr/local/didj
  • MAKE="make -j3" ./buildcross.sh didj -bl
  • Replace -j3 with however many processors/cores you have +1

After that, the cross compiler should be built. You should now be able to build binaries for the Didj. I'd suggest adding /usr/local/didj/bin to your PATH. This is often in $HOME/.profile. Depending on your shell, Bash compatible shells can use:

export PATH=/usr/local/didj/bin:$PATH