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This is a collection of useful commands to have when accessing your Didj from the command prompt. Its meant as a quick reference guide, for more complex procedures look in the [[Didj#Tutorials.2FHow_To.27s Tutorials|How To's]]section of the Didj Wiki main page.
== AppManager ==
==== Stop Start Restart ====
/etc/init.d/lightning (start | stop | restart)
==== Permanently Prevent Starting ====
First, make the root partition mountable.
In the /etc/rc.d folder, remove these files, or back them up to a different folder.
rm K50example
rm S50example
rm K51lightning
rm S51lightning
== USB ==
==== USB File Storage ====
The USB mass_storage driver on the stock Didj, requires a few commands be run after its been connected to a host PC, before it will mount like a normal USB drive.
'' On Didj ''
''' Mount on Host '''
usbctl -d mass_storage -a enable
usbctl -d mass_storage -a unlock
''' Mount on Didj '''
usbctl -d mass_storage -a disable
usbctl -d mass_storage -a lock
''' Normal Mount Command '''
Mount the /Didj file system
mount -t vfat -o async,noatime /dev/mtdblock9 /Didj
== Make Root Partition Writable ==
(note) NAND partitions can not be shared by USB host and device simultaneously.
Developers should use the usbctl command judiciously to avoid corrupting NAND.
'' On Didj ''
mount -o remount, rw /
''Mount the Manufacturers partition''
mount -t jffs2 $mfgdatamnt /mnt2/mfg
== Make Manufacture's Partition Writable ==
mount -o remount,rw /mfgdata
== Display Commands ==
''Power off the screen''
mlc-control /dev/mlc s enable off
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