Didj Common Commands

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This is a collection of useful commands to have when accessing your Didj from the command prompt. Its meant as a quick reference guide, for more complex procedures look in the Tutorials/How To'ssection of the Didj Wiki main page.


Shutdown or Start up AppManger

/etc/init.d/lightning (start | stop | restart)




usbctl -d mass_storage -a enable

usbctl -d mass_storage -a disable


usbctl -d mass_storage -a unlock

Use enable and unlock to make USB drive accessible from host computer.

Mounting Commands in Didj

(note) NAND partitions can not be shared by USB host and device simultaneously. Developers should use the usbctl command judiciously to avoid corrupting NAND.

Mount the Manufacturers partition

mount -t jffs2 $mfgdatamnt /mnt2/mfg

Remount the Manufactures partition as RW

mount -o remount,rw /mfgdata

Remount the root fs as RW

mount -o remount, rw /


mount /dev/root / -o remount,rw

Mount the /Didj file system

mount -t vfat -o async,noatime /dev/mtdblock9 /Didj

Display Commands

Power off the screen

mlc-control /dev/mlc s enable off