Didj Explorer Kernel

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This is a work in progress Explains what to change in order to build the 2.6.31 LF Explorer kernel for Didj

1. make lf1000_ts_defconfig

2. edit .config:

CONFIG_CMDLINE="mem=18M mlc_fb=0x01200000,0x01200000 init=/sbin/init console=ttyS0,115200 root=31:06 ro rootflags=noatime rootfstype=jffs2 ubi.mtd=Brio ubi.mtd=prg_Brio ubi.mtd=Cartridge"


3. edit include/asm/mach-types.h

(you may need to 'make' once and ctrl-c to get the mach-types file generated the first time.)

//define MACH_TYPE_ZIR2412 1235

define MACH_TYPE_DIDJ 1235


//define MACH_TYPE_DIDJ 2028

4. edit drivers/mtd/nand/lf1000.c

Diff of changes to drivers/mtd/nand/lf1000.c

5. make

zImage is found in arch/arm/boot