Didj Stop Start Up Junk

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This is how you can disable and remove all the start up Apps and junk on your Didj.


  1. You have grown tired of the start up video and have played with the game files enough
  2. You have Uart access to your Didj
  3. You have Successfully Uart booted your Didj before (In case you do something stupid we can fix things)

Disable Brio

First remount your root file system as R/W

mount -o remount, rw / 


mount /dev/root / -o remount,rw

vi /etc/init.d/rcS

and un-comment out mount -o remount,rw /

exit vi

cd to /etc/rc.d

rm K50example
rm S50example
rm K51lightning
rm S51lightning

now when you reboot your Didj none of the boring kids stuff gets loaded and your root file system should be R /w :)