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Tutorial to help the user set a framebuffer pixel format that will display the boot logo correctly.

The excellent work by nirvous has given us a framebuffer driver, this is a work in progress, it current has some hardcoded settings to make it work primarily with the gpsp gba emulator, so things like the linux boot logo don't show up in the correct colours.


Working toolchain
Explorer kernel Sources
correctly set environment variables
lf1000 framebuffer drivers from nirvous github

The reason for the bootis the default pixel format, the available pixel formats are:

RGB565-8bit (not sure what this mode is exactly) RGB565-16bit (Default) RGB888-24bit (this and 32bit are pretty much used universally for images like jpg,bmp,png etc.) ARGB888-32bit (like RGB888 24bit but with an transparency byte?)

These are currently dealt with in a switch case in lf1000fb.c in the function set_mode:

static void set_mode(struct lf1000fb_info *fbi)