Didj and Explorer MMC Patch

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The original source code for the MMC drivers that were released for the LX were not completed but lucky for us there was a patch included that finishes them to a usable state.

Here are the files you will need (Located on Moogle's server for now) mmc_patch_Kconfig.patch mmc_patch_lf1000-sdio.patch

to apply these patches just copy them to /drivers/mmc/host/ and type the fallowing

patch lf1000_mmc.c < mmc_patch_lf1000-sdio.patch
patch Kconfig < mmc_patch_Kconfig.patch

now when you do a make menuconfig build the MMC drivers as modules then

make -j Number of cpu cores+1  
sudo make modules_install

and your modules will be in /lib/modules/2.6.31-leapfrog on your system ready for you to copy them over

much thanks to zucchini for the help