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War Story: Using Mainline Linux for an Android TV BSP [ELC 2020]

Presenter: Neil Armstrong, BayLibre SAS
Summary: This session talks about using mainline Linux for Android TV.

Android Common Kernel and Out of Mainline Patchset Status [ELC 2018]

Presenter: Amil Pundir, Intel
Summary: This presentation gives an overview of Android common kernels briefly,
followed by introduction to current/active patchsets and android mainline
tracking tree.

Deep Dive: Android Things Peripheral IO Manager [ELC 2017]

Presenter: Sanrio Alvares, Intel
Summary: This presentation provides the context that is needed for Deep Dive
session/workshop and is recommended as background for Android Things
application development.


How to Analyze Your Linux's Behavior with TOMOYO Linux [ELC 2008]

Presenter: Kentaro Takeda
Summary: This presentation analyses Tomoyo Linux and talks about
ways to configure different security policies in the same.

TomoyoLinux - A Lightweight and Manageable Security System for PC and Embedded Linux [ELC 2007]

Presenter: ToshiharuHarada, Tetsuo Handa
Summary: This presentation talks about Tomoyo Linux -- which is a
lightweight security system for PC and Embedded Linux.

TomoyoLinux - Tutorial [ELC 2007]

Presenter: Kei Masumoto, Kentaro Takeda
Summary: This presentation gives basic knowledge of Tomoyo Linux
and also talks about basic configurations on the same.