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(Project Status)
(Project Status)
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| [[User:atniptw | Tom Atnip]]
| [[User:atniptw | Tom Atnip]]
| [[ECE497 Project Template | My Beagle Project]]
| [[ECE497 Beagle VNS | My Beagle Project]]
| [https://github.com/atniptw/ atniptw]
| [https://github.com/atniptw/ atniptw]

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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder

Fall 2012

Project Status

Please edit this page and add your project to this list. Copy my ECE497 Project Template to your own eLinux page and include the title of your project in the name of the page.

Please make the list alphabetical by family name.

Take a look at what you and others have contributed.

Name Contributions Project git repository
Tom Atnip My Beagle Project atniptw
Greg Larmore My Beagle Project larmorgs
Jesse Brannon My Beagle Project brannojs
Xinyu Cheng My Beagle Project [1]
Bryan Correll contrib My Beagle Project Correlbn
Alex Drane My Beagle Project draneaw
Josh Dugan Zigbee duganje
Kevin Geisler My Beagle Project geislekj
Christopher A Good contrib My Beagle Project goodca
Ross Hansen contrib AutoPilot Hansenrl
Michael Junge contrib AutoPilot Jungeml
Xia Li contrib My Beagle Project xiali
Matthew Moravec Zigbee
Peter Ngo Beaglebone PRU ngop
Stephen Shinn contrib Zigbee shinnsm
Mark A. Yoder contrib My Beagle Project MarkAYoder
James Popenhagen BeagleBone PRU popenhjc
Elias White My Beagle Project whiteer
Ruffin White My Beagle Project ruffsl
Sean Richardson My Beagle Project Sean Richardson
Andrew Miller My Beagle Project millerap
Yue Zhang My Beagle Project Yue Zhang
John Lobdell My Beagle Project jtlobdell

Winter 2011-2012


  1. Yuming Cao
  2. Yifei Li
  3. Greg Harrison
  4. Jack Ma
  5. Guanqun Wang
  6. Mona Yan
  7. Mark A. Yoder
  8. Michael Yuhas
  9. Ziyi Zhang
  10. David Zitnik
  11. Alex Drane
  12. Jesse Brannon
  13. Greg Larmore
  14. Michael Junge
  15. Andrew Miller
  16. Bryan Correll

Project Status

  1. Mark A. Yoder, My Beagle Project
  2. Mona Yan and Greg Harrison, Playstation Eye Audio with Qt
  3. Yuming Cao and Ziyi Zhang, Node.js Weather Station
  4. Yifei Li and Guanqun Wang, Play games using Kinect on Beagleboard
  5. Michael J. Yuhas and Jack Ma, Multiple Partitions via U-boot
  6. David Zitnik, Twitter Java Application

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder