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thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder

Here is a wiki you can practice editing. Before you can edit it you will have to create an login. Pick something that will make it easy for me to identify you as part of my class. Then just add your name and date on the end of the table.

You can get help here: Help:Contents.

If you need help with syntax check out the eLinux guide or the Wikipedia Cheatsheet.

India Workshops

|-==== Chandigarh ====

Rizwan javid Student Electronics & Communication Engg. Embedded systems 4 Kartikey & Konark & Himangi Electronics and Communication Engneering. Robotics and Embedded Systems 4


Neeraj kumar Asst. Professor Electronics & Communication Engg. microcontrollers


Winter 2011-2012

Mark A. Yoder 21-Nov-2011
Yuming Cao 21-Nov-2011
Michael Yuhas 21-Nov-2011
Yifei Li 22-Nov-2011
Ziyi Zhang 24-Nov-2011
Jack Ma 28-Nov-2011
David Zitnik 25-Nov-2011
Greg Harrison 26-Nov-2011
Mona J Yan 27-Nov-2011
Guanqun Wang 28-Nov-2011
Narayanan VS 28-Nov-2011

thumb‎ Embedded Linux Class by Mark A. Yoder