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Nice git article

Here's a nice article on a common git workflow.

Access ti/staging

Here is what I did to access the ti/staging stuff.

host $ cd ~/oe/openembedded
host $ git remote add gitor git://gitorious.org/angstrom/openembedded.git
host $ git fetch gitor
host $ git checkout gitor/ti/staging -b ti/staging
host $ cd ${OETREE}
host $ wget http://download.berlios.de/bitbake/bitbake-1.8.18.tar.gz
host $ tar -xvf bitbake-1.8.18.tar.g
host $ gedit source-me.txt





Save and quit gedit

host $ . source-me.txt
host $ cd ~/oe
host $ mv angstrom-dev angstrom-dev.v0
host $ bitbake console-image