EBC Exercise 17 Using ALSA for Audio Processing

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This lab has three parts (a, b and c) we inspect the first two parts (recorder and playback) and then stitch the input driver to the output driver to create the loopthru application.

This lab demonstrate the Linux ALSA driver as well as basic file I/O. Parts a and b are inspection labs. While c requires you to combine the previous two parts.

  • Part a analyze the function calls necessary to record audio from line input to a file.
  • Part b examines the function calls necessary to playback audio from a recorded audio file.
  • Part c combines a and b into a single application that loops the audio from input to output (i.e. audio loop-thru) without recording to a file. For an extra challenge, advanced users may want to try to build c without referring to the procedure.

Much of this lab was adapted for the Beagle from OMAP™/DaVinci™ System Integration using Linux Workshop.