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  • DSS2 uses sysfs
  • The framebuffers are in /sys/class/graphics/
beagle$ ls -F /sys/class/graphics/
fb0@  fb1@  fb2@  fbcon@
beagle$ cd /sys/class/graphics/fb0
beagle$ ls -F
bits_per_pixel  dev      modes            pan        rotate_type  subsystem@
blank           device@  name             phys_addr  size         uevent
console         mirror   overlays         power/     state        virt_addr
cursor          mode     overlays_rotate  rotate     stride       virtual_size

The overlays, managers and displays are in /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/

beagle$ cd /sys/devices/platform/omapdss/
beagle$ ls -F
display0@  manager1/                     overlay0/  subsystem@
display1@  microamps_requested_vdda_dac  overlay1/  uevent
driver@    microamps_requested_vdds_dsi  overlay2/
manager0/  modalias                      power/
beagle$ cd overlay0
beagle$ ls -F
enabled       input_size  name         position
global_alpha  manager     output_size  screen_width
beagle$ cat position


  1. cat manager


  1. cat output_size