EBC Exercise 27 BusyBox

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We'll attack getting BusyBox like we did getting the kernel (ECE597 Configuring the Kernel) though the paths will be slightly different. Make sure you have commented out

# INHERIT += " rm_work "

in the local.conf file. See ECE597 Configuring the Kernel for details.

Check and see what you already have for previous installations:

cd ${OETREE}/angstrom-dev/work/beagleboard-angstrom-linux-gnueabi

Do you see BusyBox? I didn't. Do this to find it:

cd ${OETREE}/angstrom-dev/work
find . -name "*busybox*"

The find command will find all files and directories that contain the name busybox. BusyBox is not a Beagle specific compile, so it appears in a different location. Change to the BusyBox directory and look around. Can you find the source? If not, try

 cd ${OETREE}/openembedded
$ bitbake -c clean busybox
$ bitbake -f -c compile busybox

This took just a few minutes on my machine. Your mileage may vary. Once done look again for the BusyBox sources. Hint: they aren't in a git directory.

You can now configure BusyBox.

make xconfig

After saving the configuration changes to update the .config file, it is a simple matter of running make.

$ make