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[[Category:ECE497 |PT]]
[[Category:ECE434Fall2020 |PT]]
Team members: [[user:Mossac|Tyler Thenell, Aidan Moss]]
== Grading Template ==
I'm using the following template to grade.  Each slot is 10 points.
0 = Missing, 5=OK, 10=Wow!
<pre style="color:red">
09 Executive Summary
09 Packaging
09 Installation Instructions
09 User Instructions
09 Highlights
09 Theory of Operation
09 Work Breakdown
09 Future Work/Conclusions
09 Hackster.io
09 Demo/Poster
00 Not Late
Score:  90/100
== Executive Summary ==
Picture that summarizes the project.
Using the Beagle Bone we are bouncing and changing the brightness and color of a LED strip that is also attached to the Bone. We are then encasing this system in a physical system of mirrors to create a optical illusion that makes it appear the moving lights go on forever.
We are very early on in this project still, as we are still gathering the physical parts needed to construct it. We have found a dedicated library for the LED strips
as well.
== Packaging ==
8 sections of plexiglass, 5m strip of LEDS, adhesive
== Installation Instructions ==
Run "git clone https://github.com/mossac/InfMirror.git" in your command line to import the software needed to run the project
== User Instructions ==
Simply run "python3 main.py" in the directory you downloaded to run the program.
== Highlights ==
== Theory of Operation ==
== Work Breakdown ==
Hardware assembly - Nov 12th
Circuit analysis on the system - TBD
LED library integration - Nov 5th
== Future Work ==
Add a microphone input to the system to change the leds based off music played around it.
== Conclusions ==
Fun project that we will be using later on as a totem at music festivals or just as a cool decoration item to use in our rooms.
Has its own unique challenges but its also very expandable as you could add control from your phone, or a microphone input or sever different types of light shows.

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