ECE434 Project-Image recoginition with openCV and Siri

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Team members: Haoxuan Sun, Heda Wang

Executive Summary

In this project, we will use OpenCV to do image recognition. A servo will make the camera centered at the desired target. Also, it is controlled by Siri through shortcuts and ssh.

Currently, this project only supports three colors. But you can easily add colors you want to find. This project is limited by the processing speed of the beagle bone. Because the processing takes a long time for each frame, we can only point to the color instead of tracking. With enough optimization and computational power, this can be easily turned into an image tracker.

To achieve this project you need: 1. BeagleBone Black 2. A servo 3. A USB webcam 4. LED or other colorful things for target 5(optional). iPhone or iPad Supports Siri


If you have hardware, consider Small Build, Big Execuition for ideas on the final packaging.

Installation Instructions

User Instructions


Theory of Operation

Work Breakdown

List the major tasks in your project and who did what.

Also list here what doesn't work yet and when you think it will be finished and who is finishing it.

Future Work

Suggest addition things that could be done with this project.


Give some concluding thoughts about the project. Suggest some future additions that could make it even more interesting.