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Here's what you'll need to do for the class.
The calendar is a Google Doc [https://docs.google.com/document/d/1ctqDl0_h6qM0YMfb1wjagi5AyDgUL96TpVpn6SpO0To/edit?usp=sharing here].
! Due Date
! Exercise
! Instructions
| 8-Mar-2010
| Install Linux in a virtual machine on your laptop
| [[Installing Ubuntu in VMware Player]]
| 9-Mar
| Edit a wiki
| [[Editing a Wiki]]
| Load Ångström demo image on Beagle
| [[Getting your Beagle running]]
| Compile and run Listing 2-4 on your host computer.
| [[Listings for Embedded Linux Primer]]
| 11-Mar
| Build Ångström on your laptop
| [[Installing The Ångström Distribution]]
| 12-Mar
| Find the Beagle version of Figure 2-5 on page 2-17. Be sure to find a numeric value for the starting address of the POP SDRAM and the POP NAND.  Note where you found this information.
| [http://focus.ti.com/lit/ug/spruf98d/spruf98d.pdf OMAP35x Technical Reference Manual]
[http://beagleboard.org/static/BBSRM_latest.pdf BeagleBoard System Reference Manual]

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The calendar is a Google Doc here.

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