ECE497 Calendar and Exercises

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Here's what you'll need to do for the class.

Due Date Exercise Links
8-Mar-2010 Install Linux in a virtual machine on your laptop Installing Ubuntu in VMware Player
9-Mar Edit a wiki Editing a Wiki
Load Ångström demo image on Beagle Getting your Beagle running (precompiled)
Find the OMAP version of Figure 2-1 on page 2-4. OMAP35x Technical Reference Manual
Compile and run Listing 2-4 on your host computer. Listings for Embedded Linux Primer
11-Mar Build Ångström on your laptop Installing The Ångström Distribution
12-Mar Find the Beagle version of Figure 2-5 on page 2-17. Be sure to find a numeric value for the starting address of the POP SDRAM and the POP NAND. Note where you found this information. OMAP35x Technical Reference Manual

BeagleBoard System Reference Manual