ECE497 Calendar and Exercises

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Here's what you'll need to do for the class. Unless stated otherwise these are individual exercises, not team.

Weeks 1 and 2

Due Date Exercise Links
8-Mar-2010 Install Linux in a virtual machine on your laptop Installing Ubuntu in VMware Player
9-Mar Edit a wiki Editing a Wiki
" Load Ångström demo image on Beagle. Getting your Beagle running (precompiled)
" Bring a printed copy of the Beagle version of Listing 2-1 on page 2-6. This is a copy you have generated, not a copy of mine.
" Find the OMAP version of Figure 2-1 on page 2-4. OMAP35x Technical Reference Manual
11-Mar Compile and run Listing 2-4 on your host computer. Listings for Embedded Linux Primer
" Build Ångström on your laptop (console-image) Installing The Ångström Distribution Steps 1-6
" Find the Beagle version of Figure 2-5 on page 2-17. Be sure to find a numeric value for the starting address of the POP SDRAM and the POP NAND. Note where you found this information. OMAP35x Technical Reference Manual

BeagleBoard System Reference Manual

" Add your project ideas ECE597 Project Ideas
" Edit your User page on eLinux and add [[Category:ECE597]] to it. This will make it appear of the Category page. Check out User:Tomwm for ideas of what else to put on your User page. Hint: Follow the LUG link.
" Create your portfolio by going to the link and clicking on your name. Use your portfolio as a running record of what you have done for the class. See my portfolio as an example. Think of this as your resume for this class. What else should be on it? Portfolio
12-Mar Configuring the Kernel Lab ECE597 Configuring the Kernel
" Create Listing 4-3 page 4-15 for the Beagle. Format for 1 page, print, bring to class.
18-Mar Build Ångström on your laptop (whole Beagle demo) Installing The Ångström Distribution Step 7

Week 3

Due Date Exercise Links
15-Mar-2010 Reproduce every listing in the current reading assignment. See my Listing page as an example. Create your own version and link to in in your portfolio. Don't just copy from my version. Note any interesting differences between your listing and the book and my listings. ECE597 Listings for Embedded Linux Primer