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| [[User:larmorgs | Greg Larmore]]
| [[User:larmorgs | Greg Larmore]]
| [https://github.com/larmorgs/ece497 ECE497_Repo]
| [https://github.com/larmorgs/ECE497 ECE497_Repo]
| [[User:jessebrannon | Jesse Brannon]]
| [[User:jessebrannon | Jesse Brannon]]

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Name git repository
Ross Hansen MiniProject01
Tom Atnip ECE497_Repo
Greg Larmore ECE497_Repo
Jesse Brannon ECE497_Repo
Josh Dugan ECE497_duganje
James Popenhagen MiniProject01
Mike Junge MiniProject01
Matthew Moravec ECE497_moravec
Stephen Shinn ECE497 Repo
Andrew Miller MiniProject01
Sean Richardson MiniProject01