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Below are the details of the labs we'll be doing from the DaVinci workshop. Get these files before doing the labs:

  • Go to the class SharePoint Site and get
    • DaVinci-OMAP_Workshop_v2.0.pdf
    • tto_workshop_labs_(v2.00).tar
    • setpaths.mak (Get BOTH setpaths, they are different)
  • Untar the labs file on your Linux host. It will create two directories, workshop and solutions. You will find the materials needed to do the labs below in the workshop folder. The directions in DaVanci-OMAP_Workshop file will tell you which directory to use for each lab.
  • Move the setpaths files to another location.
host $ cd workshop
host $ mv
host $ mv setpaths.mak setpaths.mak.orig
  • Copy the setpaths files you got from SharePoint into the workshop directory. In Lab 5 you will edit these files so they are correct.

These labs were originally done for the Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM). We will be adapting them for the BeagleBoard as we go.

Lab 05, gMake

Pages 125-157 of the DaVinci-OMAP_Workshop_v2.0.pdf file are Lab 5.

Due Date Exercise Links
12-Apr-2010 Demo what you've done so far
13-Apr-2010 Reconfigure BusyBox ECE597 Configuring BusyBox
Install DSP Software ECE597 Installing DSP Development Tools
DaVinci Workshop Lab 5 ECE597 DaVinci Workshop Labs