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Below are the details of the labs we'll be doing from the DaVinci workshop. Get these files before doing the labs:

  • Go to the class SharePoint Site and get
    • DaVinci-OMAP_Workshop_v2.0.pdf
    • tto_workshop_labs_(v2.00).tar
    • makefile_profile.mak
  • Untar the labs file on your Linux host. It will create two directories, workshop and solutions. You will find the materials needed to do the labs below in the workshop directory. The directions in DaVanci-OMAP_Workshop file will tell you which directory to use for each lab.

These labs were originally done for the Digital Video Evaluation Module (DVEVM). We will be adapting them for the BeagleBoard as we go.

Lab 05, gMake

Lab 05 is on pages 125-157 of the DaVinci-OMAP_Workshop_v2.0.pdf file. Work through this lab. You'll learn how make works. When you get to part D, compare my version of the make file (makefile_profile.mak.yoder) to the one in the folder. The workshop assumes you have NFS setup to share files between the DVEVM and the host computer. Rather than share files, I've set up the makefile so use sftp and ssh to copy the executables to the Beagle when installing. If you can at the NFS working, great!, otherwise use my setup.

Lab 06, Using the OSS Driver

Lab 06 is on pages 171-186 of the DaVinci-OMAP_Workshop_v2.0.pdf file. In doing this lab you will get audio from the line-in jack on the Beagle and sent it out the speaker jack.

  • Move the setpaths files in the workshop directory to another location.
host $ cd workshop
host $ mv
host $ mv setpaths.mak setpaths.mak.orig
  • Copy the setpaths files you got from SharePoint into the workshop directory. In Lab 6 you will edit these files so they are correct.

Lab 07, Using Video Drivers

Lab 07 almost works on the Beagle. You should be able to write to the frame buffer directly with a couple of changes. Here are some hints about what to change:

  • The path to the frame buffer /dev/fb... is different on the Beagle than in the code. Look on the Beagle and find the right path. Find the path in the code and change it.
  • The code assumes an attribute frame. I haven't found this on the Beagle, use #define's to remove the code that references the attribute frame.
  • Initially I commented out the code that draws the circular frame.

With these few changes your code should compile and when run it should display your picture on the Beagle. I was surprised to find it even worked through the VNC. I'm guessing X-windows just displays what's in the buffer.

Here's some things to try to see if you understand how the code works.

  • The code sets the background color to black. Make the background another color.

Lab 08, Multithread

Lab 09, Prebuilt Engine