ECE497 Lab11 Using the Open Sound System (OSS)

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Be sure you have done Lab 10 before this lab so all your software is set up.

Lab 11/6 - Using the OSS Driver

Lab 11 is Lab 6 is on pages 171-186 of DaVinci-OMAP_Workshop_v2.0.pdf. In doing this lab you will get audio from the line-in jack on the Beagle and sent it out the speaker jack.

  • Go to the class dfs site and get:
    • setpaths.mak
  • Move the setpaths files in the workshop directory to another location.
host $ cd workshop
host $ mv
host $ mv setpaths.mak setpaths.mak.orig
  • Copy the setpaths files you got from DFS into the workshop directory. In Lab 11/6 you will edit these files so they are correct.

You will still need the symbolic link from part 5, and make sure to update the file paths.