ECE497 Lab12 The Display SubSystem (DSS)

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This page explains, with examples, how the Display Subsystem (DSS) on the OMAP3530 on the BeagleBoard works. It's based on the materials used in TI's DaVinci System Integration using Linux Workshop. The workshop is based on the DVEVM. I've converted those materials to the BeagleBoard.

Look ECE597_Installing_DSP_Development_Tools here for instructions on installing the development tools.

Here are my files for Lab 07 File:Workshop.Lab07.tar.gz. Lab 07 has four parts. I have three working.

  1. OSD Setup (Take a bmp file, convert it to r16 format and display it on the GFX frame buffer (/dev/fb0).)
  2. Video Record (Read video from a web cam and store it in a file.)
  3. Video Playback (Read the file from above and display it on one of the video frame buffers (/dev/fb1).)
  4. Video Loopthru (Combine the previous two labs to read the live video and display it.)

I'll update this when I have the Video Loopthru lab working.

Here is a nice set of slides that explain the OMAP3530 DSS. I found a reference to it here. It's worth going through the slided before doing these labs.

Lab 7a OSD Setup

Lab 7b Video Record