ECE497 Notes on Creating the ICASSP Image

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Here's the changes I've made to the image Daniel sent me.

Serial port garbage

This fixed the problem. I'll keep testing to be sure it's really needed.

I have simply added the following two lines to root's .profile:

stty -parenb -parodd cs8 -inpck -istrip 
echo 0 > /sys/class/tty/ttyS2/device/sleep_timeout

A better fix would probably be to just add the second line to a rc.d startup script somewhere.

This suggestion came from this posting.

Removed TI proxy

In the browser, under Edit menu, Preferences, then the network tab.

Add new Desktop folder

I'm populating the desktop folder with things. I'll zip it up and send a copy when it is done.


I copied my .bashrc file over.


I've installed the following via opkg

$ opkg update
$ opkg install synergy