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Sources for Project Ideas

Here are some links where you'll find ideas for your project.

Projects you would like to do

Edit this page to add projects you would like to do. If you aren't in the class, add ideas you would like to see done by class members.

Proposers Name Project Title Description
Mark A. Yoder Sample Project Describe what your project idea is. What software does it build on (if any). Is there hardware design involved. What software background is needed.
Mark A. Yoder Google PowerMeter Google has a project to view and manage home electricty usage. This project would involve designing the hardware to measure the power usage and the Beagle software in interface with it. The Beagle would talk to the local home network via a wireless link and the home owner would configure the Beagle via a web page served on the Beagle.
Yannick Polius Audio MBox This project is mostly software, with the hardware element being the use of the dsp. The idea is to tie together three technologies: speech recognition, speech synthesis, and internet access in order to create an interface capable of orating information to the user based on a vocal command. The implementation I have in mind is to use the Pocket Sphinx speech recognition engine to first understand what the user wants through speech, such as "Rose-Hulman". Once the speech is translated, the software can execute a Wikipedia search to pull said item's page. Most of the important info is contained within the introductory paragraph, so the software will take only that chunk and feed it into the Flite speech synthesis engine. The end result is a simple machine with "mother box" like usability, that is, no interaction besides what is natural to the user (speaking) should be necessary to retrieve the information.